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1 lavenderstar10, on Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:29 pm


I regret to inform you that you are a n00b.

And I really don't want wildfire725 talking to Star. She seems an okay person and I don't want her poisoning her.

Why are there so many noobs? :|

2 Re: lavenderstar10, on Wed Jul 25, 2012 1:36 pm


Exactly. And peple tht t@lk lyk tis really annoy me.

And agh, while we're on the subject of noobs I'll leave my mini-rant here: Stop trying to get on the list! List of friends in my signature, that is. Riddle brought up that she felt appreciated, and then Blue brought up that she wasn't on there. I'll add you when I feel like it!

And now I'm a hypocrite because I've added her, but that's because I can't deal with guilt well. I'll change it once she leaves.

Seablossom, if/when you see this, don't be offended because I don't add you. I only add people I really know well to that, and well... I don't know you that well.

And now I've corrupted the thread with my rant. tldr; Noobs suck.

3 Re: lavenderstar10, on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:23 pm


Noobs are poisoning the forums. >3<

And that's fine Light.

4 Re: lavenderstar10, on Wed Jul 25, 2012 2:59 pm

WarriorCat Raven

I hate n00bs so much.

5 Re: lavenderstar10, on Wed Jul 25, 2012 3:10 pm


*nods in agreement to all*

6 Re: lavenderstar10, on Wed Jul 25, 2012 4:04 pm





DaNcE gAmZeE dAnCe!

7 Re: lavenderstar10, on Wed Jul 25, 2012 6:44 pm

Furry Vine

Wildfire727 is a complete noob! She rps like a baby, and even they can rp better than her. She has terrible capitalization, grammar, and she really needs to rp better! I like complete sentences, an attempt at spelling and captialization, and some sense. When I rped with her, she wasn't being realistic at all (then though my rp is a werecat rp). And her characters are... dating! It wasn't in my rules, because only noobs do that. None of my characters are dating (though two of them are friends), and everyone with sense don't have their characters dating. I am tempted putting up a rule saying how ridicious that is, and tell Wild that I will not allow that (though I THOUGHT it was common sense). Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad

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