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I am soo stressed!!!

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1I am soo stressed!!! Empty I am soo stressed!!! on Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:43 pm

Furry Vine

Furry Vine
This is just a rant, no need to read it. This is a really long rant. About why I'm stressed. I really needed to tell some friends, and no one answered the phone when I called White.

Last night was the meteor shower, and the sky was clear. I found out at 11 pm while watching the local news. I really wanted to see it, so I asked mom. She called dad to see if he was okay if we went to his backyard to see the meteor shower. He said it was fine so mom and I went to his house.

We got there, and sis was home (but dad wasn't). He didn't call sis to let her know we'd be coming over. We had to tell her in person, and we watched the meteor shower.

Around 4:20 pm today, dad called. He began yelling at her for calling (my mom suspects he was at his girlfriend's house doing what people that are in love do) that late. And that we should've planned better. And that we didn't have to call him to let him know we were coming to his house.

Mom suspects his girlfriend got mad, and dad didn't want to take the blame. I agree. Mom's argument was good.

1. We had to do it at dad's. We have no backyard or patio (living in a basement apartment) and its dangerous for two women to be in a public place in the middle of the night. I mean seriously! Its not like our apartment is in the front of the building so we could see the metoeor shower there, no. The apartment I live in is in the back. It doesn't have a window facing northeast.

2. We only heard about it at 11 pm! So we couldn't have "planned" it. Mad

3. Sis decided to live at dad's house until she went off to college. Dad was off doing that thing most likely with his girlfriend when he should be home spending time with sis on her last week of summer before going to college which is 5-6 hours away! Mom and I got at dad's house at 1 am, and dad still hadn't gotten home. Mom told me she would give anything to have sis this last week, and he's throwing it away by having a social life this week! Mad

4. And how dare he call my mom and yell at her. Would he rather call the cops if my mom and I went in his backyard without asking?

My mom promised to not call him unless its a life or death emergency. So he will regret it if I break a bone in the middle of the night and mom doesn't tell him until 11 am the next day. If he doesn't want my mom to call him unless its an emergency, then she won't. Broken bones (like arms or legs) isn't a life or death emergency anyway.

I am getting really frustrated with my dad right now, and so is my mom. Mad

Dad is not taking advantage sis living in his house. He is throwing it away because he has a girlfriend. Can't he do that disturbing stuff someother week? I stayed at his house for two weeks this summer. Guess what he did? Nothing. He was too busy cleaning, which should've been done six months ago! He's such a procastinator (no offense) and it ain't funny! My schedule at dad's house when I was there for two whole weeks: wake up, be home alone 1/2 the day (watching tv, playing my 3DS, occasionally going on the computer), dinner, then stay out of the way while dad and his girlfriend clean. Only fun thing we did was go to a football pep rally. I DON'T EVEN LIKE FOOTBALL! And dad's girlfriend and her grandson came. It turned out to be fun, but dad never took me someplace where i wanted to go. He never took me to see a movie, or took me flying. Dad's girlfriend was at the house almost every night! Didn't Dad even think of how inconciderite he was? Did he even think of how I felt? I was relieved to be able to comr home two days early. And that one night he was at the concert, did he even think to ask sis to be home so I wouldn't be home alone until 1 AM! I WAS HOME ALONE ALMOST HALF THE NIGHT! I'm only 13, isn't being home alone that late a little much?

This is the reason why my mom insisted I live with her And I'm glad she did. She's a great parent. She could be an extreme when it comes to indpendance, but she at least tries to keep her promises. I have been home alone most weekdays when I'm at home (and she ain't proud of that) but she makes up for it in my opinion by occasionally taking me to the chili place, this cool mexican place I like, and this frozen custard place I love. She would tell me when she calls in the middle of the day, and I have something to look foward to when she gets home. When I do well in school, most of the time she'll take me to the chili place (ironicly enough, she has no idea I get my progress report when she decided to take me xD, and if she doesn't take me, I'll tell her I got mine and she'll take me to the chili place or the frozen custard place).

I am begining to dislike my dad's girlfriend because of my dad. She used to be nice, but now she drives me insane (because of my dad)! If I see her while staying at dad's house this weekend, I don't know what I'll do. He will most likely want to spend time with her, and I'll be stuck on the computer (and I don't like to spend all my time at his house on the computer) or in my room playing my 3DS. Sad Crying or Very sad Sad Crying or Very sad

If anyone has read this entire thing, I'm impressed. I'm just relieved to get the rant out of my system, because I am mad at my dad right now. Oh sure, dad gives me a gift when my grades are outstanding (above what they expect), but taking me to the chili place and the custard place is just as good (and I go to the chilli place usually twice a week).

2I am soo stressed!!! Empty Re: I am soo stressed!!! on Mon Aug 13, 2012 2:56 pm

WarriorCat Raven

I'm so sorry. . .

It would be nice if your dad could pay a bit more attention to you [and your sis before she goes to college.] when you're with him. And he shouldn't be yelling at your mom, but it's a good thing that she's a great parent.

3I am soo stressed!!! Empty Re: I am soo stressed!!! on Mon Aug 13, 2012 3:31 pm


That would piss me off, too...

Oh, my dad's livestreaming tonite /)e3e(\ Who wants to watch with me? xD

4I am soo stressed!!! Empty Re: I am soo stressed!!! on Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:35 pm


That's pretty despicable. He sounds like he's turning into a rotten person--but at least you've got your mom. And if everyone's getting annoyed with him, at least you've got strength in numbers or something.

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